Ultimate Guide To Filing A Roof Insurance Claim

Ultimate Guide To Filing A Roof Insurance Claim

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how to negotiate a fair roof damage insurance claim payout

Every year, one out of every 20 homeowners files a home insurance claim to help them repair damage to their property. Though those claims cover many different types of damage, one of the most common issues homeowners face is roof damage.

Your roof is what keeps your home safe from the elements and getting it fixed quickly is the best thing you can do. However, if you’ve never had to file a roofing insurance claim, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

Though the process takes time, filing an insurance claim isn’t terribly difficult. Here’s what you need to do to file your claim and get the money you need quickly.

Only Pay Your Deductible for Your Roof Insurance Claim

With My Town Roofing, you will pay zero out-of-pocket expenses other than your insurance deductible. We agree to accept what your insurance company will pay for the claim, including your deductible, and ensure the highest quality repair or replacement.


Inspect Your Roof (Safely)

The first thing you should do before you start filing a claim or looking for roofing contractors to repair the damage is to inspect your roof. Don’t feel like you have to get up on a ladder. Instead, just walk around the exterior of your home.

Look for signs of damage like missing roofing materials, bare patches along the roofline, or shingles that aren’t sitting flush against your roof. Check the ground for any missing roofing nails or materials and collect them to show your roofer.

Once you have an idea of the damage on the outside of your home, check inside your house. Look for signs of water damage and visible leaks inside.

Take pictures of any damage you find. You’ll need these to help your insurance company process your claim quickly. Make sure your photos show the full extent of the damage whenever possible.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Before you can file an insurance claim, you need to understand the types of damage covered by the roofing insurance part of your homeowners’ policy.

Pull up the details of your insurance policy and review them. If you don’t have a copy of your coverage details, call your insurance agent and ask them to send you one.

If your policy covers multiple types of damage, you’ll likely find it easy to file a claim. However, if your coverage isn’t comprehensive, filing an insurance claim may be more difficult. The best thing you can do is speak with us.

We Work With Your Insurance Company For You

Our involvement prevents you from getting stuck with a settlement that won’t cover your costs, or even worse, getting denied. We will help you deal with your insurance company and meet with your insurance adjuster if requested.

Also, we can review your coverage and explain what types of damage the policy covers. If your policy requires certain out-of-pocket costs, we will be able to tell you how much you can expect to pay.

Residential and Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

We are the most credentialed roofing contractor in the Mid-South, and our employees are trained to the highest standards.


File a Claim With Your Insurance Provider

Once you’re sure that your insurance policy covers roof repairs and replacements, it’s time to file the claim itself. Call your insurance agent and let them know exactly what happened.

We can work with you and your insurance company to send copies of the photos of the damage to further document your claim.

We can guide you through the process and will help collect the necessary details so the insurance provider can process your claim quickly. Keep in mind that the process varies from company to company.

If you’ve filed a claim in the past, the process you’ll need to follow and the documentation you’ll need to provide may be different.

Schedule an Inspection with a Roofer

Once you file the claim, you’ll need to schedule an inspection with an experienced and certified roofing contractor. They’ll be able to look at your home and let you know exactly what types of repairs need to get taken care of.

Ask for a written estimate of those repairs to give you an idea of how much you’ll need to spend. If you’re shopping around with different roofers, compare each estimate to help you find the best option for your budget.

Remember, the inspection is just the first part of the process. You won’t want to make an appointment for those repairs until your insurance company processes your claim.

See What the Insurance Adjuster Says

Before the insurance company will issue you a check to pay for the damage, they’ll send out an insurance adjuster to inspect your home. The adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company and actively tries to find ways to save them money.

If you decide to choose My Town Roofing we will come out and meet with the insurance adjuster with you if requested.

They’ll likely give you a lower estimate for the full cost of repairs and will want to issue you a check for that lower amount.

Before you accept it, make sure their estimated cost of repairs is in line with the estimates you received from your roofers. If it’s low, show them the estimate from your roofing company and petition for a larger settlement.

Often, insurance companies will pay more if you can prove that the damage is worse than the adjuster suggests. Just be willing to fight for what you need. The last thing you should do is pay more out-of-pocket than necessary.

Schedule the Repairs or Replacement

After the claim gets processed and you accept the settlement amount, you’re ready to schedule the repairs. Call your roofers and let them handle the repairs as quickly as possible.

The sooner you get your roof fixed, the safer your home will be. Even better, you’ll be able to reduce the likelihood of needing to file an additional home insurance claim in the future.

Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim Is Important

As a homeowner, keeping your home in good condition means more than picking up messes. You need to be able to take care of repairs quickly.

Homeowners’ insurance and roofing insurance is there to help you cover those larger repairs without putting a strain on your budget. Just make sure to follow these steps to file your claim so you can get your home back into shape in no time.

We’re Your Roof Insurance Claims Specialists

My Town Roofing specializes in accident and weather-related damage repair and replacement; including exterior roofing, gutters, siding, windows, interior painting, sheetrock, ceiling texture, flooring, and carpet cleaning.

Whether you need help navigating your claim or need repairs after filing a homeowners’ insurance claim, don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule an inspection with My Town Roofing and let us help you keep your roof in great shape for years to come.

Wondering if we work with your insurance company?

Check out our Roof Insurance Companies page. If you don’t see your company listed, no worries! We can work with any company in the United States. Just give us a call and we’ll assist you with the process.

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