3 Reasons To Get a Roof Inspection When Selling or Buying a House

3 Reasons To Get a Roof Inspection When Selling or Buying a House

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Many individuals understand the significance of conducting a comprehensive home inspection prior to the property’s closing. However, it is often neglected to have a professional inspect the roof of that home. Here are several reasons why it is important to conduct a roof inspection when buying or selling a house in Memphis.

The Expert Roofing Advice You Receive

Roofs, like any other object, have a limited lifespan. A poorly maintained roof will have a shorter lifespan compared to a well-maintained roof of the same age. This is why the age of the roof alone cannot be used to determine when it needs to be replaced. Only a professional roof inspector can determine if the damaged shingles or small gaps in the flashing have resulted in significant water damage to the underlying structure. Can you please explain? While a regular home inspection typically provides a brief examination of the attic and roof, an experienced roof inspector conducts a thorough assessment of the attic and roof, documenting any effects they have on the property.

You would like to determine if there is water present in the insulation, which could potentially impact its effectiveness or contribute to the growth of mold. Be cautious if someone tells you that the odd smell is caused by a wet carpet that will be replaced, as it could potentially indicate structural issues in the home that you may need to address or avoid.

It is recommended to have a licensed and insured roofing company conduct a roofing inspection as part of your overall home inspection experience to avoid any potential complications after closing.


Buying? There is Leverage that A Roof Inspection Gives You in Negotiations

Understanding the extent of roofing repairs and any associated structural damage gives you an advantage when negotiating the price of the home and the terms of the agreement. When a home inspector’s report indicates that the roof has several years of life remaining, the value of the roof may be estimated, which could result in the seller offering a small reduction in the sale price of the home to compensate for this.

If you have a detailed report on the state of the roof, it may be reasonable to seek compensation for the cost of a roof replacement or repair, or to request that the seller addresses the roof replacement prior to closing. The seller may choose to file an insurance claim and have the roof repaired before you move in, which can save you time and expenses. Alternatively, they may acknowledge the seriousness of the issue and lower the property price to compensate for the repair costs.

In both scenarios, you are not purchasing a home solely based on a simple evaluation, only to later be faced with a costly invoice. The warranty provided with the property does not cover prior roof damage, so it is important not to make assumptions.

One advantage of contacting a Memphis roofing company to examine the roof of a home is that it provides an additional evaluation to the home seller, apart from the assessment made by the home inspector, regarding any damage. If they schedule a third inspection independently, they will have all the necessary quotes to file an insurance claim or choose a contractor for roof repairs. As a result, the repair process will progress at a faster pace.

Selling? There Is Peace of Mind A Professional Roof Inspection Provides

If you are selling a home, it is advisable to arrange a roof inspection by a certified and insured roofing company before the purchase is made. The additional inspection, along with a standard home inspection, provides you with the ability to confidently inform potential home buyers about the excellent condition of the roof or provide them with a reliable report on necessary repairs. They will trust it, and they will trust you because you have already answered one of their important questions. Afterwards, they can proceed with their own home inspection. If the roof inspection by the general home inspector aligns with your own roof inspection, it increases the likelihood of closing at your requested price as they are aware of your transparency regarding any defects.

Roof Inspection Before A Home Sale Is A No-Brainer

Storm damage and exposure to the elements can result in expensive repairs that may be inconvenient when buying or selling a home. General home inspections may not provide a comprehensive evaluation of the roof, which is why it is advisable to hire a certified roof inspector for a thorough assessment before selling or purchasing any property.

If you are looking for a highly rated, certified, fully bonded and insured roofing inspector in the greater Memphis area. Call My Town Roofing or schedule an appointment online today. We have experience working with insurance companies and real estate transactions. Our goal is always to provide a thorough and accurate assessment, regardless of who you choose to complete any roof repairs that may be necessary.

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