VIDEO: 5 Ways the Memphis Heat Can Impact Your Roof

VIDEO: 5 Ways the Memphis Heat Can Impact Your Roof

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5 ways the heat can impact your roof

The Heat In Our Area Can Wreak Havoc on Your Memphis Roofing System

As we endure this record-breaking summer in Memphis, we want to inform you of a few things to be mindful of as homeowners. Here is a list of just some of the ways this heat can have an impact on your roof:

1. Shorten the Roof’s Lifespan

Your roof is constantly getting direct exposure to the UV rays. This damages the top layer of your shingles and impacts the strength of the materials.

2. Breaks Down the Materials

The prolonged exposure Sun causes the materials to decompose and weaken, leading to a vulnerability in your overall roof.

3. Weakens the Structural Integrity

The thermal shock from extreme heat during the day, and the cooling temperatures during the night cause all the components of your roofing system to weaken. The consistent expansion and contracting cause cracks and allow water to get in.

4. Mold and Moss

Although it is understood that no one likes talking about mold, it is necessary to address it when talking about something as important as your home’s roofing system. The warm wet climate, that we experience here in Memphis, causes mold and moss to grow. So with the humidity, the dampness, the wetness we want to be sure that we are watchful of that.

5. Fading the Roof’s Color

If you drive around Memphis, from time to time you’ll see different shades of roofs that have been there for a while. This is just a natural part of being a homeowner. As your roof ages and is exposed to those harsh rays from the sun, the color can eventually fade.

So if you experience any of these problems, if this concerns you, we would love to serve you. Call our office at 901-834-ROOF.

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